The Upper Post Veterans Home & Community project consisted of 5 separate historic buildings, consisting of 58 total units. The five Fort Snelling Building were built at the turn of the 20th century and served troops from the Spanish-American war to World War II. This project is giving back to our Veterans and their families by providing them with affordable housing. Services onsite include health-care, educational support, job training and counseling. This military installation goes back to the year 1820, so being able to renovate, revive, and re-use these buildings for veterans to use is a major accomplishment. 

Lindell Engineering, Inc. helped with the design of the required all new sanitary systems and HVAC systems. The common space includes, office areas, meeting rooms, computer lab and a lounge. Each one of the 58 furnished apartments has central air conditioning, high vaulted ceilings, and full kitchens and bath rooms. 



Finance & Commerce's Top Project Series - 2015

Upper Post Veterans Home & Community
Fort Snelling, St. Paul, Minnesota